Hi, I’m Ingrid. Web developer and designer — creating digital designs and well-crafted website implementations.



I design and build Component-Based systems.

As a designer, I developed a user-centred approach.
As a developer, I focus on writing structured, documented and maintainable code for interactive and scalable websites.

I can build dynamic pages using Statamic or WordPress, thus handle most of the back-end management. For my WordPress projects, I create themes from scratch.

I have a deep knowledge of semantic HTML and CSS fundamentals.

I am an adept of Vanilla JS when it comes to write JavaScript and I use BEM Methodology to structure my CSS.

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I believe in the Lean Web.

I tend to avoid using third party tools when building a project.

However, I like using helpers and small plugins to make my development easier and faster.

Chris Ferdinandi, a web developer and JavaScript educator who inspires me, describes very well what the Lean Web is in his talk about how to build a simpler, more performant world-wide web.

An important take-away for me is that the web is for everyone. That’s why I place a hight value on user accessibility.

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Graphic Designer — Paris

I got my first experience as a designer at ENGIE. I was involved in communication for events in the Group’s Innovation and Group New Businesses division. I was designing brochures, booklets, banners and invitations.

About me

I have a design background and I had a chance to study with an amazing teacher who could convey his passion for coding.

I am highly concerned by the climate change and appreciate being around people who share the same beliefs. My goal would be to bring together these values and my profession.

Besides that, I love to travel ( 🚂 ) — especially for volunteering purpose — and I am known for one thing: a wild passion for food.

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I’d love to be part of a team for whom climate change is a serious matter.

If you’d be up for the challenge of remaking the world together, please drop me a line at: